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25 innovative tech startups from Scotland



In honour of Rabbie Burns, widely regarded as Scotland’s national poet, we’re raising a glass of our finest wee dram and highlighting 25 tech industry startups that have ties to Caledonia.

Admio — Glasgow

Adimo provides brands with the functionality to natively embed commerce functionality into digital media and content. This technology shortens the consumers path to purchase and seeks to maximise conversion

Blackford Analysis — Edinburgh

Blackford Analysis operates an imaging AI marketplace where clinical labs can access third-party products to accelerate medical image aggregation and annotate relevant literature with scientific knowledge. The firm was acquired by Bayer in early 2023.

Chemify — Glasgow

Chemify provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and industrial partners with molecular design services and is the culmination of decades of chemistry research, robotics, AI, and conceptual advancements.

Continuum Industries — Edinburgh

Continuum Industries enables power, utility, and renewables companies to visualise, analyse, and comprehensively assess routing options for power lines, onshore and offshore cables, and pipelines for hydrogen, water, and CO2 in just a matter of hours, real-time iteration of designs as new data arises, recording key decisions, and mitigating against unforeseen delays at later stages.

Cytomos — Edinburgh

Cytomos has developed an advanced cell analysis solution for the biopharma industry. ‘Through its CDS platform, Cytomos empowers biopharma to bring novel therapies to market faster and radically reduce costs by enabling critical decision-making much earlier’.

Desana – Edinburgh

At the heart of Desana‘s tech stack is a streamlined interface for managing flexible workspace bookings and meeting rooms, underpinned by a time scheduling portal that permits invoicing on the hour, rather than monthly or weekly rates.

Earth Blox — Edinburgh

Earth Blox uses satellite data to identify illegal activities such as deforestation and mining, which can help companies act on their supply chains.

Enough — Glasgow

Enough creates sustainable protein Adunda, a high in protein and fibre food alternative which contains all nine essential amino acids and has a neutral flavour that can be used to create plant-based meat, fish and dairy products, from fermenting fungi.

Forrit — Edinburgh

CMS for enterprise builder Forrit provides customers with the ability to build and edit their website with minimal tech skills and launch content quickly.

FreeAgent — Edinburgh

Freeagent makes award-winning accounting software and provide superstar support for small businesses and their accountants and bookkeepers.

Intelligent Growth Solutions — Edinburgh

Intelligent Growth Solutions focuses on indoor, vertical farms, and offers a wide range of technical solutions to farmers and growers, the pharmaceutical industry, and fragrance manufacturers.

Menzies Distribution — Edinburgh

Menzies Distribution develops and deploys new technologies and business models that make supply chains smarter, more flexible, sustainable and valuable.

Mocean Energy — Edinburgh and Aberdeen

Mocean Energy develops wave energy converters to provide ocean equipment and the grid with clean, carbon-free, renewable energy.

Munro Vehicles — Glasgow

Munro Vehicles is a manufacturer of all-electric 4×4 vehicles and Scotland’s only volume production car company.

Orbex — Forres

Founded in 2015, Orbex is a UK-based private, low-cost orbital launch services company, serving the needs of the small satellite industry. Orbex has developed one of the most advanced, low carbon, high performance micro-launch vehicles in the world.

Proteus — Aberdeen

Proteus is an end-to-end project management solution designed by experts in the energy and engineering industries for people who work in project management.

Rooser — Edinburgh

Rooser connects seafood buyers and suppliers, giving them the right tools to trade efficiently, negotiate prices and process deliveries across Europe – all in real-time, 24/7.

Skylark Lasers — Edinburgh

Skylark Lasers is a leading-edge photonics company specialising in the development and production of ultra-stable CW single frequency C-DPSS lasers.

Skyrora — Edinburgh

Skyrora is a launch vehicle provider aiming to provide flexible sovereign launch capabilities to the UK through the development of an orbital vehicle and carefully selected supply chain innovations that it believes will reinforce the industry for years to come.

Skyscanner — Edinburgh

Skyscanner, founded in 2003, compares flights and airlines for travellers and was acquired by China’s Ctrip for £1.4 billion in 2016.

SnapDragon — Edinburgh

SnapDragon helps brand owners identify and remove counterfeit versions of their products in a number of popular online marketplaces.

Sofant Technologies — Edinburgh

Sofant Technologies‘ mobile satellite communications terminal uses a bespoke technology and machine learning stack based on microelectromechanical systems and radio frequencies, which it claims uses 70 percent less power than traditional receiving terminals

Touchlab — Edinburgh

Touchlab manufactures e-skin thinner than human skin which can be wrapped around hard or soft surfaces to sense pressure and location in real-time. Applications include on-land, underwater, and in space robotics and machines.

Trojan Energy — Aberdeen

Launched in 2016, Trojan Energy’s patented charging technology supports the EV transition for nine million households in the UK without access to a driveway.

Together — Edinburgh

Together is working on a ‘sustainable and ethical clothes’ production platform to create a new way for people to shop sustainable yet affordable items, only producing fashion in a special factory after orders have been placed.

Lead image © Dan Taylor.

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