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A man converted an abandoned railway station into a home that comes with a working 1950s train and tracks. Now he’s selling it for $592,000 — take a look.



Mann’s daughter, Rachel, currently lives in the property and turned it into a B&B in 2015.

Saughtree Station is now a 6-bedroom house.


Mann told Insider that he and his wife lived in the property part-time, splitting their time between Scotland and London until his wife became unwell in 2014. 

When it became clear that his wife wasn’t able to travel, the couple spent more time in Scotland and their daughter, Rachel, and her husband, Rob, moved in to help look after her before her death in 2017. 

Rachel and Rob turned part of the property into a B&B in 2015. 

“We came from down south to look after Rachel’s mother, so they asked if we wanted to come and live in the house. We said, ‘We’re both losing good jobs, so we’ll need to do something.’ So we came up with a B&B,” Rob told Insider.

The B&B has two bedrooms and can host two guests. The price for two guests plus breakfast is £100 per night, or around $120, the website states.

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