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‘A try all day long’ – Your Views on Scotland defeat to France



We asked for your views after Scotland’s dramatic Six Nations loss to France.

Here’s what some of you said about the controversial decision not to award Scotland a try at the end of the game, and on the performance from the hosts.

Ronny: It’s a try. The TMO knew it was a try. Nic Berry knew it was a try – eventually. But between them they talked themselves out of it. How can a call of help up on the field not be overturned when the TMO has shown the ball grounded? It’s a really, really horrible call, and the wrong one.

Sharon: The laws of physics. As it rolls off the boot and goes down, where else can it go but the ground?

David: This highlights a problem with rugby union in general – the referee has too much influence on the outcome of the game. An initially incorrect decision by a referee has to be upheld by the TMO even though there was nothing else other than grass that the ball could have been on. Bizarre, especially after last week’s refereeing fiasco.

Callum: That’s a try all day long. There needs to be some common sense about “conclusive evidence”.

Rob: I’m more annoyed at the rugby refereeing process more than anything. Too complicated, too many small details, how does that grow the game? When a part-time fan sees it’s a try and the refs don’t call it? That isn’t good for the game and growth.

Grace: Several bad refereeing decisions today. Uini Antonio should have been red carded after cynically running into Matt Fagerson, getting his head rocking, Head Injury Assessment incident. The “non-try” at the end was ludicrous.

Stuart: Everyone is hung up on the wrong thing. Scotland made the wrong decisions throughout. France lineout was struggling badly, didn’t put pressure on it by kicking to touch and making them play from it. Didn’t take easy three points when we’d just gone to a one man advantage. Didn’t make the man advantage pay. Left themselves at the mercy of the TMO.

Jane: Why not move the ball around more in the second half – around the huge immobile French forwards – instead of kicking and hoping for a mistake?

Chris: The team will know that it shouldn’t be left to the last play. Chances to take points and apply scoreboard pressure, rather than play to not lose. Get the points then go again. Calcutta Cup not short of motivating factors for Scotland but their frustration today needs to be funnelled into the next game.

Gordon: Not scoring before half time after all that pressure was disappointing. France would’ve been under real pressure to come back in second half. But instead [they] were galvanised.

MoLambo: A solid performance against a lacklustre French side was the perfect opportunity for a Scottish victory. Young Paterson had a superb start, as did Darge, Christie and Dempsey. However, kicking ping pong, whilst tactically astute, did not create many winning opportunities. Scotland lacked a clinical edge and paid for it.

Rob: Poor yet again. Scotland don’t seem able to play 80 minutes, and to put the blame on France’s negativity is no excuse. Scotland could have responded with attacking play.

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