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An art and culture lover’s guide to Edinburgh, Scotland | Vogue Singapore



The new face of travel is slow and considered. Through five comprehensive city guides that promote living like a local, Vogue Singapore’s May ‘Escape’ issue takes you into the heart of the underrated creative capitals around the world that are ripe for exploration. Don’t expect any of the usual haunts or Instagram-famous tourist spots. Here, you’ll find insider recommendations driven by authenticity and connection.

Edinburgh offers charm in spades. Nestled between rolling hills and shimmering seas, it is here that Scotland’s rich history, vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes all come together. Gorgeous architecture surrounds you at every turn—from the iconic Edinburgh Castle in the heart of the city’s medieval Old Town, to the neoclassical townhouses and quaint gardens of the elegant New Town—as verdant hills and scenic waterways provide tranquil escape.

But what makes the city truly come alive is its thriving creative scene, evident in everything from small comedy clubs and independent bookstores to famous festivals like the Edinburgh Fringe and the Edinburgh International Book Festival. All through the year, intriguing exhibitions, unmissable music gigs and fascinating theatrical productions cement the city as a must-visit for any creative soul. Below, find a curated list of recommendations for where to play, eat and stay in Edinburgh to experience the best of its vibrant spirit.

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