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Andy Murray shows off acting skills in ‘hilarious’ tennis reality show clip



PERHAPS when Andy Murray wraps up his sensational tennis career, he’ll be able to find a new lease of life in Hollywood.

It looks like it would come naturally to the three-time grand slam champion if a new sketch with the ATP Tour is anything to go by.

In the five-minute clip featuring some of the world’s biggest tennis stars, including Murray and his old rival Novak Djokovic, the premise is that the world of tennis is in fact fake.    

The clip opens with the Scot saying: “I think that’s what people don’t realise, it’s all just scripted. The players, the matches, it’s all just kind of made up.

“It’s a bit like wrestling or the reality TV shows, none of it’s real. We get our storylines at the start of the year and we try to make everything look natural.

“Let’s face it, people are stupid so they’ll buy anything.”

Murray’s rival and current world number one Djokovic then also appears to discuss his own “character” and is shown practicing his “character, the performance and his achievements”.

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He’s then hilariously seen practicing his “Hulk” moment from a final last year in which he ripped off his shirt after winning.

A number of other world stars also feature to make out that their careers aren’t real, including 2020 US Open winner Dominic Thiem and youngster Holger Rune.

Murray appeared once again towards the end of the clip and said: “We just try to make everything look real and the viewers seem to love it.”

People did in fact seem to be loving the idea, if social media is anything to go by. One person commented: “Andy can retire and switch to acting. He’s awesome!”

Another said that “Andy and Novak were born for this”.

“Andy Murray is the perfect person for this! His personality is so well suited,” said somebody else.

A fourth person added they “need an Emmy for this” while others described the clip as “hilarious”.

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