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Basketball Betting: Understanding as Strategies and Bet Types



Advantages and Disadvantages of Basketball Betting  

Basketball is one of the most dynamic games and has many highlights for the exciting experience. Among sports betting, this sport is second only to soccer and field hockey. This is due to several factors : 

  • Equal Probability Events. They have almost 100% probability of guaranteeing the outcome of the game. Such a strong and popular team is the NBA. By betting on a likely outcome, you can make big profits in the long run;
  • Low margins in the NBA. This factor is due to the fact that this team brings a large number of players to bet and all bookmakers try to make the best conditions for them;
  • The regularity of the games. If we talk about the NBA. THo, despite their popularity and stable play. They play more than 2-3 games per week. They play not only on weekdays but also on weekends and holidays. For example, between December 31 and January 1st, you can say that they are the only team you can bet on. 

The main disadvantage of basketball betting is the small spread of sporting events. 

Basketball Odds

Basketball odds depend heavily on the popularity of the tournament and the match. For National Basketball games, all leading bookmakers place a modest margin. This value expresses the percentage that the betting company receives. With low margins, bettors can bet with high odds.

The Euroleague is slightly lower than the famous NBA. Here, too, you can find a fairly low margin and win a good amount of money. 

So you can follow the logic, that the high odds and the low margin depend on the popularity of the tournament.

Special and Long-Term bets

This type of bet should be placed before the tournament starts. Bookmakers can offer the following options :

  • On reaching a certain stage of the playoffs;
  • A place at the end of the championship (for example, if the team finishes in the bottom three);
  • on the most valuable player in the tournament;
  • on the winner of the particular tournament;
  • The team’s exit from the group.

The undisputed leaders in long-term betting are the NBA, the Euroleague, and continental competitions between national teams (World and European Championships).  

Basketball betting 

At bookmakers, you can find a smaller betting market than for soccer or field hockey. But despite this fact, the values are still quite high. You can bet on quarter results, goals, assists, points scored by both a player and the team, and of course the main result. 


To place a bet, you have to decide what the difference between the teams’ points will be in the final game. Besides the number, you also need to know which team will win the handicap. 

A handicap can be a plus or minus sign. A handicap of (-8.5) means that the team is favored to win by 9 points. With (+8.5) the difference should not be more than 8 points. 

Some bookmakers offer the option to buy more jerseys. This will help increase your advantage in the game and increase your chances of winning. In a match, for example, you can choose an advantage in a certain range. 

Win by a margin

Betting companies sometimes offer to guess the difference between room points.

You might think it’s the same way. But no. If you bet with a minus sign, there is no need to guess the exact difference. You have to specify the range you want to achieve at the end. You can set the difference as, for example, 1-3 or 7-10.


Moneyline is a fairly easy way to place a bet, even for a beginner. Moneyline is also known as Single Betting. You can bet on one team to win or choose a tie.

You have to remember that a tie is a very rare occurrence in basketball. But there are great odds, usually above 11.0. But remember that a tie only counts when the result is scored in regulation time. Overtime never counts.

Many bookmakers accept bets on the home team (P1) or away team (P2), including overtime. Read all against and event line betting rules before placing a bet.


Handicap is a term with English roots, meaning essentially the same as a handicap. They are two synonymous terms that refer to the same thing – the difference in the final score in favor of one of the teams.

Some punters confuse handicaps with handicaps because the latter term is often divided into two types: Asian and European:

  • Asian handicap is the familiar handicap that is denoted by a whole or half decimal number. For example, 1 (-10.5) means you bet on the first team to win by 11 or more points. 2 (+10.0) means you bet on the second team not to lose by more than 9 points, and with a difference of 10 points the office will give you a return (calculating the bet at odds of 1);
  • European Handicap – This is a bet on the main result with the addition of the exact score. The European Handicap is indicated in the bookmaker lineup as the score and the result, which conditionally starts the match: P1 (0:1), X (0:2), P2 (2:0). There are no returns on the European handicap, unlike the Asian handicap. For example, with a P1 (0:1) bet, you agree that the game starts 0:1 in favor of the visitors, but you still bet on the home team’s success. If the first team wins by 2 goals, the bet will be settled.


In this case, the bettor needs to calculate the total number of points that both teams will score in total. Some variations of this bet are available, e.g. total for a quarter, a half, a certain player or an attacking team. In the total for a player, factors such as fouls, assists, points, and rebounds must be taken into account.

It is possible to add totals on both sides.

Many bookmakers accept the total for the team or match, including overtime. But if you are betting on a particular player, it is worth carefully calculating all his plays.

Coins Betting

Here, it is as if you are calculating the result of a mini-match – i.e. a quarter of the match. If the calculation is correct, you will receive your payout before the match ends.

Sometimes you can find quarter bets not only on the score but also on the number of fouls and the highest score.

To place winning quarter bets in basketball, it is important to analyze how specific teams play in specific quarters. If you are betting on the 3rd or 4th quarter, pay attention to the players’ physical condition as well, as fatigue will build up by this point.

One of the most popular basketball betting strategies is overtaking by quarters. With overtaking, the bettor bets on the victory of one of the teams in a quarter, and continuously increases the bet amount by a certain progression, until the bettor wins. The ideal odds for this strategy are 2.0 and above. If you lose, you have to double your bet.

High Odds Punters

Some novice bettors may face some difficulties in finding a good bookmaker. It is necessary to make a careful analysis of the conditions such as license, honesty, and legality. Many Brazilians opt for betanobr, a unique platform with great odds, great bonuses, and many sports. Moreover, it is possible to bet not only before the tournament but also during it. Many people prefer this type of bet because of the opportunity to follow the game and change their bets.

Betano online Brazil offers a state-of-the-art feature where you can enter your bet and the desired amount. The software will then analyze and make a selection of bets and odds that, if used, will allow you to achieve your desired outcome.

The process of making a booking on the platform does not take much time and can be done in a few minutes under Betano cassino.

Have fun and have a good game!

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