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Big bargain brand to open 12 new shops within days – see the list of locations



A MAJOR high street brand is opening up 12 new stores within days – we reveal the full list of locations.

Retailer Poundland has confirmed exact opening dates for four new stores across the UK.


Poundland is opening 12 new stores within daysCredit: PA

A spokesperson said another eight are expected to open in April.

The full list of stores opening within days is:

  • Crown Street, Glasgow – March 11
  • East Dulwich, London – March 18
  • Dumbarton Road, Partick – March 25
  • Parkgate, Rotherham – March 31
  • Weston-super-Mare (expected to open in April)
  • Burton-upon-Trent (expected to open in April)
  • Castle Bromwich (expected to open in April)
  • Widnes Retail Park (expected to open in April)
  • Belfast Castlecourt (expected to open in April)
  • Biggleswade (expected to open in April)
  • Stafford (expected to open in April)
  • Ipswich Copdock Retail Park (expected to open in April)

The new store in Crown Street, Glasgow, will be 18,380 square feet in size, making it the largest store in Scotland.

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Poundland managing director previously told The Sun: “We know how customers appreciate the effort we’ve made in the last few years to transform our offer, offering them more of what they want to buy, week-in, week-out.

“That transformation means we have to step up our search for the best locations to bring the best of Poundland to customers across the UK and that’s precisely what we’ll do in 2023.”

It comes after the chain said it would open 50 new stores by the end of September this year.

The branches will be opening across the high street, shopping centres and retail parks.

The move will see up to 800 new jobs created and stores opening in major cities including London and Birmingham.

Five new stores have already opened over the last few weeks. They are:

  • The Spires Shopping Centre, Barnet, north London
  • High Walk, Wellington Centre, Aldershot, Hants
  • Timberley Lane, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham
  • Crown Street Retail Park, Glasgow
  • Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, London

Poundland employs over 18,000 workers and operates over 800 stores across the UK. Its first branch opened in 1990.

A number of other retailers are set to open stores in the coming weeks.

WH Smith is launching new high-end stationary and souvenir shops, while Aldi has revealed 30 locations where it wants to open branches this year.

But a number of retailers are looking to close stores too.

Health and beauty retailer Boots is closing two stores within days while B&Q is pulling down shutters on eight “mini-shops” from March 11.

How can I save money at Poundland?

Even the savviest of Poundland shoppers might be missing out on bagging the best bargains.

But there are some tips and tricks you can employ to get the best deals.

It’s best to visit your nearest branch first thing, as that’s when they will be fully stocked up and you’re most likely to get everything you need.

You can find your nearest store by using Poundland’s store locator on its website.

You just have to enter your town name, city or postcode.

Try checking out the clearance shelves too – you’ll be able to get discounted prices there.

Non-food discounted products tend to be near the tills.

Anything with a use-by date will be its own specific shelf, found in different places depending on the store.

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Plus, if you spot a product selling cheaper on Primark’s website compared to in-store you can ask a member of staff to price-match it for you.

But honouring the price isn’t an obligation so it depends on who is in charge that day.

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