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Breaking: Nike release another ‘playful’ England shirt with Scotland flag



US sportswear giant Nike has released a second update of England’s new football shirt to include the Cross of St. Andrew.

It follows the overwhelmingly positive public reaction to introducing purple and blue stripes to the traditional red cross of St George.

Nike dubbed it as ‘a second playful update’ to the shirt ahead of Euro 2024, inspired by England’s closest historical allies, the Scottish.

The new shirt was launched at a Nike store near Stirling Bridge. It was modelled by former First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon as well as Scottish rock duo The Proclaimers.

‘Anyone who knows their history knows the English and the Scots have always been best buddies’, Nike CEO Chad Trainor told Paddy Power News.

‘Brought together around AD 500 by their love of shortbread, England and Scotland have lived in perfect harmony for centuries’.

‘So, what better way to celebrate this alliance of love and sugary biscuits than to incorporate the national flag of Scotland on England’s football jersey’.

‘Come on England. The Tartan Army loves you’.

However, not everyone was delighted by the news. England supporter Barry from Millwall tweeted:

‘We England supporters have spent decades promoting the St George’s cross as emblem of love and peace in football stadiums across the world’.

‘So how dare Nike sully the St George’s cross with the flag of those Irn Bru drinking, battered Mars Bar eating, Rod Stewart loving b******s’.


‘As a proud England fan, I will gladly pay £124.99 for a polyester shirt knocked out for a pittance by some low-paid Third World factory worker’.

‘But I will never buy one of their overpriced shirts which bears the Cross of St Andrews as a matter of principal’.

In related news, Nike have told Qatar and Saudi Arabia fans to keep an eye out for some ‘playful updates’ in the coming weeks.

*Paddy Power’s football coverage is pure fantasy – don’t believe it for a second.


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