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Burberry Frosts Over Dubai With the Magic of Winter in Ireland & Scotland



Burberry enlists the beauty of UK model Jean Campbell for their new OOH campaign in Dubai, following up on their last appearance.  The fashion wear brand, which is renowned for its distinctive items and house codes, embodies contemporary British luxury.

Photographer Tyrone Lebon, under the direction of creative director Daniel Lee, took the breathtaking images in the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland’s Antrim and Scotland’s Isle of Sky. According to the designer, the goal of the winter campaign is to convey “a spirit of exploration and adventure” and to uphold Burberry’s values of protection when venturing outside. Because of their enigmatic, epic beauty, he concentrated on the Isle of Skye and Giant’s Causeway. Despite being extremely different places, both have a distinctly British feel about them. 

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Caught in real time on the visuals, Jean Campell’s platinum blonde hair flying across her face showcases the winter breeze, while she’s dressed sharply in a nude coat to shield from the cold. There is also a lot of emphasis on the Knight bag, a recent brand icon, captured alone in an outdoors setting, between two tree logs and grass. Inspired by the Equestrian Knight Design, the Medium Knight is a gently structured bag made of grainy calf leather, complete with a bridled horse clip. It may be carried as a tote or used as a shoulder bag. The faux fur accent of the Burberry Shearling bag charm enhances the overall appeal by styling with a hint of coziness and refinement. 

On uni-poles, the Burberry campaign launched in Dubai in the first week of November.


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