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Church of Scotland in unholy row with parishioners after it shut 900-year-old church



Birnie Kirk’s usual congregation of about 20 people swelled to more than 100 on Sunday as defiant parishioners flocked to the pews.

Gill Garrow, 68, a Kirk elder, said she was “upset” by the Church of Scotland’s decision, which was notified to the congregation in September. She accused officials at 121 George Street, the Kirk’s Edinburgh headquarters, of having “no respect for country folk”.

“They are breaking up a community, a family, where people look out for each other’s needs. This is our spiritual home and when we joined the Kirk we never thought it wouldn’t be there for us,” Ms Garrow said.

“The more people that know what the Church of Scotland is up to, the better. It’s like we’re a forgotten entity. It shows how ruthless they are. I know we’re not the only ones suffering but there’s so much history attached to the church, it’s in great condition. Surely to goodness they can keep it open. Common sense is not prevailing,” she added.

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