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Construction of bridge on new Scotland railway line delayed



An bridge that was being constructed to link Methilhill in Fife with the new station on the line will not be ready when the line opens because the company building the bridge has gone into administration.

The bridge is planned to be 138 metres long, with a 72-metre-long main span over the River and three 22-metre long spans over lower ground.

Once complete, the bridge will connect with several active travel paths to provide direct access to the station.

Cameron Bridge station plans showing the planned active travel bridge. // Credit:

It was due to be lifted into position next month, but after discussions with the administrator about releasing the partly built structure, the opening has been delayed to the autumn because of the need to find another contractor to complete its construction.

While this is a really disappointing situation, it’s unfortunately beyond our control.

Tommy McPake, senior programme manager, Network Rail

Network Rail and the planning team at Fife Council are working together to complete the installation of the bridge as soon as possible.

At the same time, the two organisations are cooperating to develop an alternative walking route between Methilhill and the new Cameron Bridge station in time for when services start on the Levenmouth line on Sunday, 2 June.

The alternative walking route is planned to be across the bridge over the river Leven on the A915.

Work on Cameron Bridge station
Work on Cameron Bridge station. // Credit: Network Rail

A footbridge has already been installed to connect the two platforms at Cameron Bridge station,
but this new bridge will connect the station with Methilhill.

We have had productive discussions with the administrators with a view to securing the release of the bridge components and finding an alternative supplier to get the structure completed.

At the same time, we have been liaising with Fife Council to look at establishing a direct walking route to the station in advance of it opening in June.

We will continue to work with the council planning team and local stakeholders to get the bridge installed as soon as possible.

While this is a really disappointing situation, it’s unfortunately beyond our control. We will work with our partners to resolve this issue and not let it detract from the growing excitement around the return of the passenger railway after more than five decades.

Tommy McPake, senior programme manager, Network Rail

Cameron Bridge railway station footbridge deck installed
Lifting the Cameron Bridge station footbridge into position. // Credit: Network Rail

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