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Cyber and Fraud Centre looking for board members



The Cyber and Fraud Centre, formally the Scottish Business Resilience Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers education and preventative training to businesses along with raising awareness on how to combat cyber crime. Working in unison with the Scottish government, Scottish police and the business community. 

Applicants are not required to have experience sitting on a board, and are encouraged to bring experience from backgrounds such as communications, financial management, human resources, and law.

“We hope our new Board members will work with our existing members and chair to help us grow in a way that allows us to tackle ever-evolving cyber threats,” said Jude McCorry, CEO of the Cyber and Fraud Centre. “These aren’t roles for anyone looking to sit quietly in a room.”

The UK had more cyber crime victims per million internet users than anywhere else in the world in 2022 at 4,783, which was a 40% increase from 2020, according to a report

At the level of business, the Cyberthreat Defense Report found that 81% of organisations in the UK had experienced at least one cyber attack in the year prior to the study. 


The Cyber and Fraud Centre rebranded in February of this year to strengthen its focus on the rising threat of cyber crime. In Scotland, 14,280 cyber attacks took place between 2021 and 2022, almost double the amount seen two years before. 

“We have expanded our services and recently rebranded to hold ourselves accountable and committed to tackling cyber crime and fraud to make Scotland a safer place to do business,” said McCorry. 

The board meets four times per year at their office in Linlithgow. Responsibilities for new board members will include providing advice on the organisation’s strategy and business goals and objectives. If appointed, the member will be present on the board for three years, with the option to be renewed for a maximum of six years.

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