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David Martindale may leave Livingston depending on court outcome



Livingston manager David Martindale has indicated he will likely leave the club if ongoing legal action regarding ownership goes against those he believes are the rightful owners of the West Lothian outfit.

The club announced last year that Baycup had purchased a controlling interest in Livingston but this has been contested by some previous directors, who claim they are the rightful owners.

On the park, Premiership bottom side Livi will be playing in the Scottish Championship next season after relegation was confirmed earlier this month.

“For Livingston Football Club to move forward it needs clear ownership structure,” said Martindale.

“At this moment in time there is a clear ownership structure with Baycup but again that’s getting contested in court. Whatever way that court case goes I think Livingston Football Club – forget all the individual shareholders, directors, staff whatever you want – it needs a clear ownership model going forward.”

When asked if the court decision goes against Baycup if that impact it would have on him, Martindale replied: “Yeah I think so, yeah.”

And when pressed if he could leave in that scenario, he said: “Probably not could – probably would. I wouldn’t want to. For me I’ve been very, very loyal to Livingston but they have been very, very loyal to me.”

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