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Euro 2024: How are Scotland fans getting to Germany?



Cameron: 19-year-old Scotland fan currently coming to the end of three months of travel in South America! Flying all the way from Rio de Janeiro to Frankfurt before getting three trains to meet my brother in Düsseldorf. All on a budget before getting a 25-hour bus home two days later.

Richard: Flying Tuesday night from Atlanta, Georgia, with my wife and eight-year-old son.

Allyson: Flying from New York via Dublin to Munich, then using trains to move about Germany. When Kenny McLean scored in Norway I said “let’s go” and splurged on a package.

David: Travelling from Perth Australia on Tuesday to Munich for my first major tournament. I am 69 so it’s never too late. 17-hour flight (not looking forward to) but once I arrive it will all be worth it.

Eric: Flying in from Portland, Oregon. Meeting five old pals from Dumbarton in a rented van that’s just gone overnight in a ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam. Quick drive to Munich and an opening point for the Scots.

Anon: Traveling from Wellington, New Zealand. Leave on Wednesday night and will fly via Singapore to Frankfurt. Close to 30 hours of travel. Hopefully have a bit of a sleep then train to Munich the morning of the game. We have tickets for the opening game which will be incredible. Then head to Cologne for the Switzerland game.

Selbs: Germany from Australia! A 12 hour bus journey to Adelaide airport, then Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul and eventually Dusseldorf.

Anon: Flying in from Calgary to see the Tartan Army. Will meet my old man and brother in Munich. No ticket for the Germany game as of yet. Have a ticket for the Hungary game. I think we will finish third in our group and just manage to sneak into the knockout stages.

Gordon: Melbourne to Saigon to Frankfurt to Munich – and on the way back going via Helsinki. Going to be the first time aged 44 that I see Scotland in a major tournament. Been regretting not going to France for 26 years!

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