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Ex-Scotland cricketer John Blain cleared of racism allegations



A Scottish cricketer at the centre of an official finding that his sport was “institutionally racist” has been cleared of all allegations of bigotry.

John Blain, one of the country’s all-time leading wicket-takers, was accused of using the P-word to refer to Asian players.

The claim, made by colleagues Majid Haq and Qasim Sheikh, had come as an independent report found that the Scottish game was riddled with prejudice. It devastated Blain’s career in coaching and broadcasting.

John Blain, playing in 2006 for Yorkshire at Headingley after capturing the wicket of Brad Hodge of Lancashire, lost jobs at the BBC and at a leading Edinburgh fee-paying school over the scandal


It was announced on Monday that Blain, 45, had been exonerated in a full and independent investigation carried out for Cricket Scotland, the sport’s governing body north of the body.

Blain said Cricket Scotland had written to inform him that he had been cleared in January

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