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FDF Scotland helps producers tap into academia to overcome better-for-you reformulation challenges



No forward thinking producer can afford to ignore the changing landscape – with public health targets, legislation and even a more discerning and educated consumer leaning towards a healthier lifestyle.

Getting help from the experts

However, for many producers – especially SMMEs – the costs involved make reformulation just a dream. Especially in tapping the institutions to help overcome the more technical challenges.

The Scottish Healthier Product Innovation Fund​ – developed by Interface and FDF Scotland’s Reformulation for Health Programme,​ and funded through the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership’s Recovery Plan – is designed to ensure producers don’t stumble at the first hurdle.

F&B manufacturers based in Scotland can apply for grants between £5,000 and £10,000, which will be paid directly to the University, Research Institute or College in Scotland for project costs (time, facilities, consumables).

The academic support can come in the form of technical, mentoring, consumer and sensory work, and testing and analysis to produce market-ready BFY products. However, credit will also be given to companies wanting to embed the learning and processes to develop healthier products themselves.

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Reformulation is unique to each company and product – ranging from the reduction of fat, salt and sugar; enrichment with added fibre, fruit and vegetables; calorie value; replacing ingredients with healthier alternatives; and providing clearer consumer health information. 

According to FDF Scotland, the funding can be used to improve existing products from a health perspective, but not to evidence its ‘healthiness’ against a competitor or alternative on the market. The aim is about making products healthier.

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