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Female led Glasgow company launches ethical fashion space



MsMissMrs have already opened a wellbeing hub and community kitchen in the city, and are now looking to create ethical fashion.

Womanufacture, based at Blochairn Market in Glasgow, will allow the team of three working mums, all involved in the MsMissMrs project, to design, make and distribute the products including the famed Empowerment Pants and Femfoods aprons. Stitched with empowerment, the proceeds from sales will help support their ongoing community initiatives, as well as creating flexible employment opportunities for local women. 

Designed in-house by the Womanufacture team, the production process uses only sustainable and ethically sourced materials and produces as little waste as possible with any waste that is created being donated to local projects and ventures.


Sylvia Douglas, founding director of MsMissMrs, said: “We now have our own dedicated space in the shape of Womanufacture that will allow us to design, make and distribute all our products in-house, in turn providing more opportunities for the women and girls we strive to support.  

“The team have painstakingly sourced materials from the UK and have designed our products to have as little impact on the environment as possible. These products will help MsMissMrs carry on our social cause and let us support and re-empower young girls and women. We cannot wait to see where this will take us.” 

Roisin Robinson, Womanufacture design and manufacture lead, added: “Over the past few months, we have put so much thought and effort into getting to where we are now. It’s wonderful to see our hard work pay off and to receive really positive feedback already. 

“As a team of working mums, it’s important to be able to work in a place that honours our lives outside of the workplace. We all care a great deal about what we do, every Femfoods apron and pair of Empowerment pants are made by us with love and dedication. This is only the beginning of Womanufacture, and we can’t wait to create even more of an impact as we aim to expand our range.” 

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