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Former Project Director Trump Golf Course In Scotland Says He Felt ‘Hoodwinked’ By Former President: ‘Scotland Fell For It’ – IMDb



Neil Hobday, the former project director for the Aberdeenshire golf course that Donald Trump built in Scotland, stated that he felt deceived by the former president.

The Aberdeenshire course opened in 2012. Trump stated he would spend £1 billion ($1.2 billion) on the project, but the funding never approached that level.

Hobday, a consultant project director for the Trump Organization, spoke to Trumped, a new BBC Sounds podcast revisits the controversy about approving the Trump International Golf Links course.

“I don’t think even if [Trump] could raise the money to build the whole thing out, he wanted the golf course, and that was it,” Hobday declared.

“He was willing to fight the environmental battle and create this impression that this was a $1 billion project and Scotland absolutely needed it,” he added. “But I think he never really had the money or the intention of finishing it.”

“I feel very hoodwinked and ashamed that I fell for it,…

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