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Four regional innovation partnerships backed by £20m



The government has awarded nearly £20m to form four research and innovation partnerships aimed at addressing regional inequality.

The “Local Policy Innovation Partnerships” (LPIPs) scheme aims to drive economic growth in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Yorkshire.

The LPIPs will support projects including upskilling in Northern Ireland, incorporating sustainable practices in rural business communities in Wales and Yorkshire and building opportunities around abundant natural resources in Scotland.

“Harnessing the strength of our brightest and best researchers and innovators system will drive growth across the UK while strengthening our Union,” said Andrew Griffith, the science minister.

“If we build on the potential of research and science clusters in the areas that need the most support, we can address local challenges and take advantage of new opportunities, ultimately creating hubs of highly skilled jobs and growth.”

The partnerships are part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)’s goal of creating opportunities in underserved regions.

The four projects will be supported by an LPIPs hub in Birmingham that will share data, evidence, learning and best practices with the government, local authorities and researchers.

“Local Policy Innovation Partnerships demonstrate UKRI’s commitment to bringing together a diverse range of partners, from local and devolved government, communities and businesses,” said Prof Alison Park, head of UKRI’s creating opportunities, improving outcomes theme.

“Through these long-term collaborations, we will accelerate the use of research and innovation to reduce regional inequalities and drive sustainable, inclusive growth.”

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