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Glasgow company makes history on the moon



It was a first in the great adventure of space travel, and a Glasgow company helped make it all happen.

In February, for the first time in our history, a private company landed a probe on the moon.

The US firm Intuitive Machines landed their Nova-C moon lander on the southern pole. AAC Clyde Space, a Glasgow-based company, had a key role in the landmark mission.

They worked with colleagues in Uppsala, Sweden, to co-develop a vital component – a power conditioning and distribution system, called the Starbuck-Mini, which takes in power from the lander’s solar panels and distributes it around the probe.

The team in Glasgow was led by the Chief Technology Officer Andrew Strain.

He spoke to BBC News about the mission, which heralds a new era of lunar exploration, and the growing space industry in Scotland.

Video by Oliver Coe

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