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Grayson Co. couple invests in Scottish football team to connect with heritage



GRAYSON Co., Va. (WDBJ) – A Grayson County couple is embarking on an overseas adventure—they just bought part of a European football team. A random online ad now has them getting in touch with their roots in a way they never imagined.

A social media post led the Butler family to take a leap of faith.

“All of a sudden, he said we’re thinking of buying a football club,” said Joy Butler.

“I think the word I use is insane,” added Chris Butler.

They have Scottish heritage, Scottish cows, and now, a Scottish football team. Owning a little over 5%, Chris and Joy Butler are proud minority owners of the Caledonian Braves—a soccer team playing in the fifth tier of the Scottish Football League.

“My grandfather was born an hour north of where the team plays in Scotland,” explained Chris.

Eager to connect with his heritage and leave a meaningful legacy for his children, Chris knew this was a golden opportunity.

“What the Braves are doing is getting the small town together and that small town atmosphere,” added Chris. “And that’s the reason that we did it here. That’s the reason that we’re doing it with the family.”

As owners of a wedding venue in Grayson County, Joy says they always aim to give back to the community. Now, they’re taking that impact across the ocean.

“Give to a small community that’s abroad and be part of a family that’s international, and go back to my husband’s roots in Scotland and see where that takes us,” explained Joy.

During our interview, the Butlers video called the team’s owner, Chris Ewing, who says he’s just as excited about the partnership.

“Trying to showcase the best that Scotland has to offer as a small country,” said Ewing. “And it’s been really heartwarming, to be honest. And we’re really excited to have Chris and Joy join us on this adventure.”

It may not be what they expected, but the Butlers say they’ve scored the opportunity of a lifetime.

“And I think that people will probably think that I’m crazy, but it’s gonna be a lot of fun,” said Chris.

“Everybody just cheer on the Braves and just have fun with it,” added Joy.

The Butlers are planning to travel to Scotland to catch a game during the next season, which begins in July.

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