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Humza Yousaf live updates: SNP leader resigns as Scotland’s first minister – BBC News



In his brief stint as Scotland’s first minister, Humza Yousaf assumed power with timebombs ticking everywhere. And loudly.

Firstly, the unavoidable political logic of the Scottish National Party’s mammoth stint in power.

They have run the Scottish government since 2007. Ageing is inescapable – and that is no different for political parties.

Then throw into the mix that avenues towards another independence referendum looked like they were petering out, particularly in the short and medium term.

The prospect of indyref2, to use the shorthand, was a glue that helped hold the SNP together. And guess what happens when the glue gets loose.

Then there was the no-small-matter of the former First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her husband, the SNP’s former chief executive Peter Murrell, finding themselves of interest to the police.

Next throw in the almightily toxic issue of trans rights.

And then the handling of the collapse in the relationship with the Scottish Greens.

And this is where the crux of this situation comes to a head.

Humza Yousaf concluded over the weekend that there was no deal to be done with the Greens – they would vote to get rid of him.

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