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I’m 5’6” gym girl who weighs 180lbs, some say scale doesn’t matter with my looks



A FIT gym girl revealed her height and weight to followers – and while she may not be fond of what she sees on the scale, others are saying it doesn’t matter.

Some say she looks so good that she should completely disregard the number.


A woman has shared her height and weight with her followersCredit: TikTok/skyhellie
People say the scale doesn't matter when she looks the way she does


People say the scale doesn’t matter when she looks the way she doesCredit: TikTok/skyhellie

“What 5’6 and 180 pounds looks like,” Sky Hellie (@skyhellie) wrote in a TikTok video.

She showed herself doing leg exercises with dumbbells while wearing leggings and a sports bra.

In another clip in which she had on biker shorts, she worked on her arms.

She was sure to share pictures of her fit physique.

Her washboard abs and toned thighs and glutes were the stars of the show.

“The scale is not my friend…” she added in her caption.

People took to her comments section to leave their opinions.

“It’s all that muscle!!!” one person exclaimed.

“Just a number,” another reminded her.

Other people hyped her up.

“Ok hell yes,” one said.

“Queen shit,” added another.

A final person told her that “the scale doesn’t mean sh*t when you look like that.”

She shared pictures of her fit physique


She shared pictures of her fit physiqueCredit: TikTok/skyhellie
She got loads of compliments in her comments


She got loads of compliments in her commentsCredit: TikTok/skyhellie

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