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I’m a gym girl – I’m trolled for wearing makeup when I work out but I don’t care



A FREQUENT gymgoer clapped back at critics who trolled her for wearing makeup at the gym.

Their opinions don’t matter, she insisted – she’ll keep showing up to work out, with a full face of glam.


Ashley Martin is a fitness influencer and personal trainerCredit: TikTok/ashmartin12
Martin had a stern response for trolls who said she shouldn't wear makeup to the gym


Martin had a stern response for trolls who said she shouldn’t wear makeup to the gymCredit: TikTok/ashmartin12

Wellness expert and personal trainer Ashley Martin (@ashmartin12) addressed her critics on TikTok.

Naturally, she filmed the video while applying her makeup.

“I recently got a comment about wearing makeup to the gym,” Martin explained in a voiceover as she applied her foundation.

She shared the comment in a caption: “No one that is actually there to work out wears that much makeup,” it read.

Martin responded, “I think I speak for everyone when I say we don’t do it for you.”

“We do it because it makes us feel good,” she continued, speaking on behalf of other makeup-wearing gymgoers. “The gym is my happy place.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving yourself a little bit of an extra boost to make you feel like your best self,” Martin added.

She said that her feelings about the matter are the same at the gym, grocery store, work, or home.

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Martin encouraged viewers to do what makes them feel confident, “No matter where you are.”

At the end of the clip, Martin was fully made up and dressed in her gym clothes.

She smiled into the camera and blew a little kiss at her viewers.

In the video’s description, she gave trolls a gentle, yet cheeky, reminder.

“It ain’t about you,” she wrote, throwing in a winky emoji for good measure.

Her viewers were quick to agree with her philosophy. One woman said she was “1000 percent” on board.

“I work from home,” the fan said. “The gym is the only time I leave the house.”

“Imma be cute leaving my house even if it’s to go sweat,” the viewer said.

Ashley gave an enthusiastic “eff yeah” in response.

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