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Inverness’ Miss Scotland reveals she is ‘more resilient’ after taking on Miss World



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Chelsie Allison.
Chelsie Allison.

Inverness’s reigning Miss Scotland has revealed her next steps after she competed at this year’s 71st Miss World competition as she went up against over 100 women from across the globe.

Chelsie Allison (26) scooped the title of Miss Scotland in October.

The Tesco Mobile retail manager has spent five weeks in India as part of the Miss World competition.

She said: “Miss World was an incredible experience and it feels like a dream to me now. I met so many amazing girls and the experience was just incredible. It is something I will never forget.”

Miss Scotland at the 71st Miss World finale.Miss Scotland at the 71st Miss World finale.
Miss Scotland at the 71st Miss World finale.

However, the Miss World competition was not all what Chelsie had expected when she arrived in India.

She said: “They definitely like to throw you some curveballs every now and then. They definitely like to keep you on your toes.

“But, in terms of meeting all the incredible women from around the world, it was everything I had expected and more. They were so inspirational and it was great to hear about their chosen charities and the work they do.”

Chelsie has ‘learnt a lot about herself’ since taking on the role as Miss Scotland and now claims to have gained ‘resilience’.

She said: “I learnt how to be on time as they give you a strict time to be ready every morning, so I am definitely more punctual now. And I definitely learnt how to be more resilient. It is a really intense three weeks as you have to be constantly smiling, and at your best all the time, so I’m definitely more resilient.”

Chelsie said that the favourite part of her journey as Miss Scotland has been ‘meeting all the girls’.

She said: “There were just so many different stories and backgrounds. Some girls had been doing work for their charities for years prior to being crowned and I have made friends for life.”

Chelsie modelling at Dress to Kilt in Canada.Chelsie modelling at Dress to Kilt in Canada.
Chelsie modelling at Dress to Kilt in Canada.

When talking about her chosen charity, Chelsie said: “My chosen charity this year as Miss Scotland was the Highland Hospice. It is a charity that is really close to my heart and I think the work that they do is incredible.

“I also got the opportunity to speak about Highland Hospice on a global stage, which was incredible to share the work they do with the world.”

Later on this year Chelsie is set to crown the next Miss Scotland which she thinks the process of Miss World will benefit her with.

She said: “I think I will be able to pass a lot of knowledge onto the next Miss Scotland and what to expect. In terms of charity work I have learnt a lot of ways to raise awareness, so it has certainly given me more ideas of how to raise more awareness for the Highland Hospice.”

Miss Scotland presenting her beauty with a purpose project.Miss Scotland presenting her beauty with a purpose project.
Miss Scotland presenting her beauty with a purpose project.

Chelsie is now supporting Strictly Inverness, which fundraises money for the Highland Hospice and Inverness Ice Centre, and is set to take place in May.

Miss Scotland also plans to continue hosting her own events for the hospice, including a fashion show that is currently in the works.

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