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Jodie Sloss: Aston Martin academy driver dreaming of Le Mans 24 Hours



Sloss finds herself under the wing of one of the most revered names in British motorsport.

She is one of 32 racers from around the world to be accepted into the Aston Martin Racing driver academy, each vying for a coveted spot within one of the 14 partner teams.

Only one is destined to graduate with the full backing of the iconic British manufacturer – a golden ticket to a fully funded 2025 season on the track.

“Honestly, it’s game changing. I did not imagine I’d be in this position a year or two ago when I started my journey in racing,” she adds.

“To be recognised by such a prestigious British brand, so early on in my career, it’s certainly exciting.”

She joined the Forsetti team and made her Aston Martin debut at Donnington Park National last weekend, finishing on the podium in race four.

Her ultimate goal? Sixty-two cars. 186 drivers. 24 hours.

The Le Mans 24 Hours is the pinnacle of endurance racing and a symbol of excellence in the motorsport world – and Sloss has her heart set on competing in it.

“It’s such an incredible race and that’s always been my main target. I’m hoping with the academy, I can be nurtured into that spot,” she added.

Remarkably, Sloss is not the first racing driver to emerge from the small Argyll town of Oban.

Susie Wolff made history in the world of motorsport when she became the first woman to participate in a Formula One race weekend in over two decades.

Sloss, who attended to the same school as the Formula One academy director, wants to become an enduring part of the town’s motorsport story.

“We all know Susie Wolff and what she’s doing with the F1 Academy now. So, I hope to become a part of that legacy like I’m doing now and keep crushing barriers for women in sport,” she says.

“She’s made something out of it, so I hope to do the same thing and continue doing the impossible.”

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