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Keto Real, founded by fitness & investment expert Marco D’Arro, revolutionizes the trends in fitness nutrition



Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Entrepreneur and businessman Marco D’Arro is an Italian and British investment banking veteran. Born in Sicily in 1972, Marco D’Arro currently splits his time between Dubai and London.

Following a successful career in investment banking roles at Merrill Lynch, Abn Amro Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Goldman Sachs, and Nomura, he founded his own family office in Dubai, Turnkey, as well as investment advisory firms in real estate, like the Real Asset Group, renewable energy with Quercus Real Assets, and technology ventures with Gaia Capital. In his investee companies, he serves in a number of advisory and director capacities.
Marco D’Arro has an MSc in Finance from the London Business School as well as credentials from the Luiss, Oxford Said, and Copenhagen Business Schools.

He is one of the co-founders of Quercus Real Assets, which has locations in London and Dubai. Quercus is a cutting-edge renewable energy investment management.
Real Asset Group, a capital advisory platform for private investment managers, was founded in 2013 with Marco D’Arro’s guidance.


Passion for fitness and innovation

Marco D’Arro is a keen golfer and an active member of Emirates Golf and Eligo Club. He is also a tennis player who spends his spare time on sports and fitness.
For Marco D’Arro, relocating to Dubai for a portion of the year has been crucial. He has developed an avid interest in learning everything there is to know about nutrition, wellness, and metabolic health. Intermittent fasting, a ketogenic diet, and a passion for outdoor exercise have all contributed to his physical transformation and tremendous mental fortification.

In order to provide easy access to healthy meals and snack options for people like him who want to achieve the best possible physical and mental performance, Marco D’Arro decided to share his vision with others and founded a new company in Dubai, Keto Real.
With a focus on the best ingredients for our body and mind, Keto Real is getting ready to release brand-new products on the market, ranging from ketogenic bars and full meal replacement options to functional cookies and ketogenic cookies.



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