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Mystic Meg, astrologer and National Lottery star, dies at 80



When the BBC asked Margaret Lake, better known as The Sun horoscope columnist Mystic Meg, to appear before 20 million viewers on the newly launched National Lottery results show in 1994, the astrologer told the corporation in her best “otherworldly” drawl that she had been expecting the call. “Just before the lottery started, I got the big money rune.”

Readers of The Sun and the News of the World may have been familiar with her predictions, but most TV viewers were agog as she emerged from behind a veil of dry ice, eyes glaring, wrapped in a high-collared sorcerer’s cloak and cupping the crystal ball she had inherited from her Romany-Russian great-grandmother. “Planet Neptune and Venus spin fortunes for Scorpios and Capricorns,” she said, pretending

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