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NFL World Reacts To Shocking Jim Harbaugh News



Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has been in several rumors this season regarding a potential comeback to the NFL. Teams like the Los Angeles Chargers, Chicago Bears, and the Carolina Panthers have been the most likely suitors to pursue the head coach. However, a shocking new development has happened in the Harbaugh sweepstakes, and it’s not what everyone was thinking.

It is being reported that Michigan is currently working on a contract extension for Harbaugh that is worth over $11 million per year for five years. They are also saying that they will need a written commitment from the head coach that he won’t pursue any jobs in the NFL. This comes as a shock to many as Harbaugh has shown a massive interest in coming back to the NFL this season, and he has been under a lot of controversy with Michigan this season.

While nothing is set in stone yet, many NFL fans think that the offer to stay with the University is too good to pass up on. On the other hand, some fans think that the head coach will still pursue a job in the National Football League after this season despite the offer.

What Will Jim Harbaugh Decide?

While some fans think Harbaugh will accept the offer from Michigan, a lot of people think that he will still pursue a job in the NFL and attempt to get more money. Most seem to think that he will join the Chargers, as he has expressed interest in the team, and he thinks quarterback Justin Herbert is the best young star in the league right now.

While there is nothing set in stone, this new development is shocking to most fans and analysts as they thought Harbaugh would for sure be coaching in the big leagues again next season. Do you think he will still pursue a job in the NFL, or will he sign the extension with Michigan?

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