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North Lanarkshire Leads the Charge in Scotland’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Race



North Lanarkshire, a region in Scotland, is stepping up its game in the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure race. With the current state of EV charging infrastructure in the country leaving much to be desired, North Lanarkshire is taking matters into its own hands to attract potential EV buyers. The expansion aims to provide readily available chargers, making the switch to electric vehicles a more viable option for residents.

The Current State of North Lanarkshire’s EV Charging Infrastructure

Currently, there are 174 chargers in North Lanarkshire, with private operators planning to install an additional 248. However, estimates suggest that over 1,300 chargers will be needed by 2026, and this number may double by the end of the decade. To meet this growing demand, the council is working with operators in the ChargePlace Scotland network to determine feasibility and identify locations for new charging stations.

The Plan for Ultra Rapid Charging Stations

Eight locations have been identified for ultra rapid charging stations, including Drumpellier Country Park. However, Councillor Gary Robinson has questioned the inconvenient location of the park for his constituents. Despite this, the council is pushing forward with its plans, recognizing the importance of providing fast and reliable charging options for EV owners.

The Cost and Future of North Lanarkshire’s EV Charging Infrastructure

The cost of providing the additional chargers is around £12 million. While this may seem like a steep price tag, the council sees it as a crucial investment in the future of sustainable transportation. Progress reports will be presented to councillors in the future, allowing for transparency and accountability in the expansion of the EV charging infrastructure.

In addition to expanding the charging infrastructure, the council is also investing in grid scale energy storage and battery recycling initiatives. These steps are crucial in creating a sustainable and circular EV ecosystem, ensuring that the benefits of electric vehicles are felt for generations to come.

As North Lanarkshire continues to work towards a more sustainable future, the expansion of its EV charging infrastructure is a crucial step in the right direction. With readily available chargers and a commitment to sustainability, the region is poised to become a leader in electric vehicle adoption.

Note: This article was written in February 2024 and the information provided is based on the data available at that time.

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