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Our columnists reflect Scotland today and you can access them for a WHOLE year



We are committed to exploring the issues that matter most to Scotland, and our columnists deliver thought-provoking commentary, analysis, and unparalleled insight that captivates and informs on these issues.

From seasoned political analysts to cultural aficionados, each voice contributes to a mosaic of perspectives that reflects Scotland today – and you can heave access to them for a WHOLE year.


The National’s political columnists go beyond the headlines, providing readers with deep insights and critical analysis.

Kirsty Strickland, Andrew Tickell, Michael Russell, Lesley Riddoch, Gerry Hassan, George Kerevan, Kate Forbes, Richard Walker, Joanna Cherry, Mhairi Black, Stuart Cosgrove, Ruth Wishart and more, all stay ahead of the curve on policy decisions, parliamentary debates, and the ever-evolving political landscape.

Economist and writer Richard Murphy said: “If you believe in an independent Scotland then the best way to show it is by getting the best journalism that supports the independence argument for just £12 for the whole of the next year.

“Ideas supporting freedom for Scotland don’t come better priced than this.”

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Scotland’s vibrant cultural scene finds a passionate narrator in Mark Brown. Every week, he explores the latest in literature, arts, and entertainment as our theatre critic, and Robin McKelvie explores Scotland and the wider world as our travel writer.

Plus, with well-researched opinions and articulate arguments, Pat Kane, Ellie Gommersall, Kelly Given, Shona Craven, Assa Samake Roman and Roz Foyer empower readers to form their own informed perspectives on matters ranging from social justice to environmental challenges.


Gomersall said: “With a Westminster election around the corner, global conflicts intensifying and marginalised groups increasingly under attack, the British political establishment and the mainstream media who do its bidding are desperate to distract and deflect.

“The National is a paper which dares to be different – which is unafraid to give a platform to those who would otherwise never be heard, and unafraid to challenge the narratives you’ll see from every other news source.

“Scottish politics has taken twists and turns over the past year that very few could’ve predicted, and as our political future becomes less and less predictable by the day, The National’s ability to unashamedly give a voice to those not heard elsewhere has rarely been more important.”

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Beyond the columns

Foreign Affairs Editor David Pratt continues to provide internationally recognised coverage of politics in Europe, and the ongoing war in the middle east, as well as Ukraine.

You can find a recent live Q&A with Pratt here.

Through on-the-ground engagement, our columnists bring local stories to the forefront, ensuring that the voices of Scotland’s citizens are heard and as a subscriber, you can engage with them through our letters and comments section.

Your thoughts and feedback are an integral part of the ongoing dialogue shaping Scotland’s narrative.

In a world saturated with information, The National’s columnists offer a refreshing and stimulating perspective on the issues that matter most to Scotland.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the best of Scotland’s  voices, only in The National.


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