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Please, give someone else a chance with the ferries



Read Martin Williams’ report here 👈

Today, a reader expresses his dismay at the news.

James Bishop of Gigha, Isle of Lewis writes:

“The possible decision that CalMac may be allowed to continue its dysfunction to the inhabitants of the Western Isles is appalling.

Fiona Hyslop suggests this would be a “catalyst for positive change”. One wonders quite what parallel universe Ms Hyslop exists in. She has clearly not had to rely on the abject failures and pricings of this woeful organisation. Penalties and conditions will not spur CalMac to energise sloth, inability and financial ineptitude. Whatever the facts (which will never be known, there being too much vested interest) CalMac has been a beacon to abject failure with apparently no embarrassment to the inconvenience (at least) caused to the Western Isles and elsewhere. The Corran ferry fiasco is but one example of complete inability.

There has to be a proper tender and serious conditions set out in the tender document.

If the hand of government is anywhere near the wheel, further failure looms for those needing ferry services.”

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