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Rangers: Connor Barron thanks Aberdeen after ‘right move’



Rangers: Connor Barron thanks Aberdeen after ‘right move’

“I pay my thanks to Aberdeen who’ve obviously brought me up from a boy to the player I am today. I thank them for everything they’ve done to help me get to here in my career, but the next chapter in my career now is Rangers.”

With no love lost between supporters of the two clubs, players that have previously made the switch have been targets of abuse from Dons fans – but Barron said he was ignoring any criticism and focusing purely on his performances for the club.

“To be honest, I haven’t seen anything,” he insisted.

“All I do is focus on my job on the pitch. I don’t go on social media, that’s not my job – my job is to go on the pitch and perform and let the football do the talking.

“When you’re at a size of club like Rangers, that can’t get into your head. If it does then there’s a problem.”

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