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Regional tech report: Scotland 4 – UKTN



Scotland has several world-class universities that can support highly educated computer science students in their startup journey – with Techscaler an obvious next step for them.

Scottish organisations are actively working to make this space open to everybody, regardless of background. AccelerateHer, DataKirk and Black Professionals UK are creating opportunities for greater diversity in the ecosystem.

From an investment perspective, local investor Techstart’s strong activity in the seed space and Par Equity’s new SNIB-backed £100m scaleup fund has brought new funding momentum to Scotland. Techscaler initiatives have organised visits from international VCs, and TuringFest not only delivers Scotland’s flagship annual tech conference, but also organises VC dinners. Of course, there is always room for more investment, but the direction of travel is positive.

There are, naturally, other challenges. In line with global technological shifts, many companies in Scotland are looking at the latest AI developments, trying to understand potential benefits from efficiency gains, while also weighing up risks from the disruption AI brings.

To meet these challenges head-on, while continuing to grow the tech sector, collaboration and partnerships between academia, industry, investors and government bodies is crucial. Scotland is well-placed and well-sized to do just that.

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