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Scotland Delivers Sunshine, and Bluster, Ahead of Dior Resort 2025 Show



“Wait for the wind,” said Minnie Driver as she braced herself against the bluster outside Drummond Castle in Scotland on her way into the Dior Resort 2025 show.

She was game, smiling at photographers as she tried to strike a pose and adjust her black Dior dress after the wind blew it open. The gusts took a few seconds to die down, and then she was ready for her close-up.

Fellow actors had a similar experience, having to bow to nature as they posed in front of the beautiful — and environmentally friendly — step-and-repeat backdrop: a Dior sign spelled out in large white letters against a wall of rocks outside the castle.

Pink, burgundy, saffron and violet flowers sprouted from those rocks and blew in the background as guests in sky-high Dior platforms or slingbacks climbed the hill to have their picture taken.

“Is my hair OK? Is it sticking up?” asked Geri Halliwell after a gust of wind nearly knocked her sideways. Turned out it was fine, and those Ginger Spice locks were all in place.

After the wind died down and she posed for a solo photo, Lily Collins reached for her husband Charlie McDowell’s hand, and urged him to take a picture with her. He was reluctant, but agreed to in the end.

Geri Halliwell (Photo by Saira Macleod/WWD via Getty Images)

Saira Macleod for WWD

Jennifer Lawrence was dressed for the Scottish summer in a leopard print coat, and was excited to be at the show. “Maria Grazia is always so creative, and my expectations are always blown out of the water when I see her shows,” said Lawrence.

Inside, most guests gasped — and reached for their phones — once they saw the geometric, Italianate gardens at the foot of the castle.

When they were done, they descended the stone steps, grabbed a Dior blanket printed with black-and-white images from Christian Dior’s 1955 show at Gleneagles, and took their seats.

Young men in black kilts and jackets served Champagne right until the start of the show, which saw models in stompy black boots, sturdy coats and delicate dresses weave their way confidently around the garden mazes, and past the admiring audience.

Minnie Driver at the Dior Cruise 2025 Show held at Drummond Castle on June 3, 2024 in Perthshire, Scotland. (Photo by Saira Macleod/WWD via Getty Images)

Minnie Driver (Photo by Saira Macleod/WWD via Getty Images)

Saira Macleod for WWD

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