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Scotland: Dykes on jokers McTominay, McGinn and Kelly



On John McGinn: “Everyone knows about John McGinn, obviously. He’s the life and soul of the boys. He’s some character, he’s got a great personality on him.

“He’s always got puns coming out left, right and centre. I think he must sit in his room and think about things he’s going to say the next day because I don’t know where he pulls them from.”

On Liam Kelly: “A dark horse I would chuck in there is Liam Kelly. He’s very lively around the squad. We’ve got a little poker game going on there, music blaring from Kieran Tierney.

On Scott McTominay: “Big Scott McTominay is a good guy to be around. He keeps himself to himself but comes out when he needs to.

“He loves a sing-song. Me and him had to get up and start singing after a training session because Scotty brought one of the buses back from the training ground and we left all the boys there.”

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