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Scotland fan sneaks to Euro 2024 in Germany while his wife was out shopping



Scotland fan sneaks to Euro 2024 in Germany while his wife was out shopping

A cheeky Scotland fan claims to have travelled to Germany for Euro 2024 while his wife was collecting their weekly shop. Unbeknownst to his wife, the man sneaked out of the family home and made his way to Munich.

Scotland fans have travelled to Germany in their hundreds of thousands. They have congregated in several cities ahead of their side’s clash with the hosts tonight (Friday) in Munich.

And one fan revealed to the BBC that his wife was unaware he was making the trip. He dashed out while she was shopping in Marks & Spencer.

“My wife doesn’t know I’m here,” he announced live on a broadcast.

“So how have you managed to get here without your wife knowing,” the reporter asks the man.

The man responded: “She went out shopping – she went to Marks & Spencer and I sneaked out.”

He then burst out laughing. It is unclear if the wife is now aware of his wild adventure into Europe, but she was in for a huge shock when she returned from the shopping trip.

Scotland are playing at their first European Championship since England held the tournament in 1996. It is the first time their fans have travelled outside of the United Kongdom for a competition since the 1998 World Cup in France.

Steve Clarke’s side face Germany at the Allianz Arena first up. The 60-year-old said: “That’s why we’re here, we believe we can get a result every time we go onto the pitch. Otherwise what’s the point in going to the pitch?

“We’re prepared well, we think we’re ready, and hopefully you see that tomorrow night.

“Everybody’s fully fit, flying, desperate to be selected and ready to go. It’s a difficult game. One of the mantras that I’ve always had is respect everyone and fear no-one.

“We come here with a lot of respect for the host nation, we know they’re a good team, but hopefully on the night we can show we’re a good team as well.”

Scotland fans have been wearing their trademark kilts and playing bagpipes in Germany on the eve of the tournament. In a horror moment live on German television, one man wearing a Germany shirt and a Scottish kilt had his genitals exposed. The footage has subsequently been shared across social media.

After their match against Germany, Scotland play Switzerland (June 19) and Hungary (June 23) in Group A.

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