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Scotland Football Fan Takes Son To Euros, His Letter To School Is Just Hilarious – News18



Scotland Football Fan Takes Son To Euros, His Letter To School Is Just Hilarious – News18

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Euro 2024 is currently taking place in Germany. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Iain Meiklejohn informed his son’s school that they were heading to Germany to follow the Scottish football team in the highly anticipated Euro 2024 for academic reasons.

As the international football season has started with the commencement of Euro 2024 in Germany, fans around the world are getting excited about the fixtures. Ahead of the first match between Germany and Scotland, many Scottish natives travelled to watch the match at Allianz Arena in Munich. Among the fans that turned up at the venue, a father-son duo has now hogged the limelight.

It has been learnt that the father had informed his son’s teachers that they were heading to Germany to follow their beloved Scotland football team in the highly anticipated tournament for academic reasons. As per Ladbible, a 48-year-old diehard Scottish football team fan, Iain Meiklejohn, and his son, Aleks, travelled from Scotland to Germany to watch the Euro 2024.

Iain had even sent an email to his son’s school, Forresters High School in Edinburgh, explaining why he was taking 12-year-old Aleks abroad, a Dailymail report said.

After the hilarious email was sent to the school, the father-son duo shared a picture from the airport.

In one of the posts shared on X (formerly Twitter), both Iain Meiklejohn and Aleks can be seen grinning from ear to ear as they set out on their ‘educational trip’. They can be seen wearing the Scotland football team’s jackets.

The Ladbible report went on to claim that previously Iain Meiklejohn and Aleks had watched the 2014 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil. They even reportedly rooted for Scotland at the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia.

Earlier, Iain Meiklejohn had shared a screenshot of the email he had sent to the school to ask about the leave. In the email, he wrote, “Hi! I am just writing to inform you that Aleks Meiklejohn will not be attending school from Thursday, June 13 until Scotland is eliminated from Euro 2024. We will be going on an educational trip through Germany, visiting several cities where we will study the extreme emotional highs and lows that only a Scotland fan goes through. I will ensure Aleks completes a report on his return in full detail. M’on Scotland!”

Social media users dubbed him as the best father ever for taking his son to watch football as a part of his educational training. The post had varied reactions from netizens. Many of them found it to be extremely funny, while others lauded the father’s understanding of the impact of sports on the overall development of the child.

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