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Scotland media conference – live updates



‘Friday totally different to 1998 opener’published at 13:23

Darren Jackson
Former Scotland striker on Scottish Football Podcast

I was very, very lucky to play in the opening game against
Brazil in the World Cup, but it’s totally different to what the boys are going
to have on Friday night because we played against the world champions, it
wasn’t the hosts.

So it was 80,000 people, there were probably 15,000 Scots, 15,000
Brazilians and then it was corporate.

They’re going into an environment
where it’s 80,000 but there’s probably going to be 60,000 Germans there.

So it’s going to be a lot more hostile for them
than it was for us at the time so that will make it a little bit harder.

lost the goal after five minutes against the best team in the world and you
thought to yourself, here we go.

But we got back into it and we
were very, very unlucky to lose the game.

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