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Scotland’s Top Outdoor Clothing Brand Just Arrived In Canada, And Here Are A Few Of Our Favourite Finds



Trying to find the perfect coat for each season? The best boots for hiking or trekking through the snow? Trespass will prepare you for the great outdoors with quality gear that is both stylish and functional—even your dog can have a raincoat!

What is Trespass?

Trespass is an outdoor clothing store that hails from Glasgow, Scotland. It opened in 1938 and has over 300 shops in over 62 countries worldwide today. The brand has always prioritized creating high-quality garments and accessories that can withstand the elements—in their early years, they even created uniforms for local organizations, including the police. Today, their jackets, fleeces, and hiking equipment are extremely popular with adventurers, campers, and people who work in the great outdoors.

In Canada, you can find brick-and-mortar locations in Niagara Falls, Vaughan, and Tanger Outlets Cookstown. If you’re looking for an excuse to grab a new pair of boots or a new raincoat, but don’t want to make the drive, the site offers free shipping on orders over $20.

Here are some of the best items we are currently eyeing from Trespass.







Disclaimer: The prices displayed are accurate at the time of publication. We’ll do our best to keep them as up-to-date as possible, but you may see slight changes.

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