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Scottish Cup final: Hearts want to win, but Rangers need to



Eva Olid’s side can’t just be satisfied by being in the top four.

They’ll want to be challenging for trophies and they’ve got themselves to that stage this season by getting to the Scottish Cup final.

I think it would be to act as a catalyst for even more investment and what that does is help you with recruitment of players as well.

Right now, Hearts are trying to compete with Rangers and Celtic, and also Glasgow City who have been serial winners for years so they’re in competition.

I think they’ve broken the mould in the east by finishing ahead of Hibs. If you go back, Hibs were one of the dominant forces in Scottish women’s football. But Hearts are now the top team and could kick on so much by winning a trophy.

It’d be absolutely unbelievable for Hearts because players want to want to be part of that.

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