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Scottish rapper Loki goes viral for ‘accidental’ earless Batman post



Scottish rapper Darren McGarvey has gone viral after accidentally sharing photoshopped images of Batman without ears on Instagram.

Sharing the collage with little over 9,000 followers, the poverty campaigner and author – who also goes by the moniker Loki – was left stunned when it gained more than 330,000 likes.

The pictures caused a stir with the Caped Crusader looking somewhat exposed without his signature bat ears.

Parodying the Dark Knight’s iconic catchphrase “I am Batman”, commenters got pun-happy.

“I am Man”, one wrote.

“I am Venge”, another responded.

“All I want to do is put some Mickey Mouse ears [on]”, a third jested.

The photoshop collage’s popularity surprised McGarvey.

Tweeting about the experience, he said: “I shared this pic on Facebook a week ago. I didn’t create the image I just seen it, liked it, posted it.

“As you can see, it’s various movie Batmans with the ears removed from the cowls. Anyway, Facebook auto uploaded it to my Insta… and then…

“It sort of went viral. My insta has been pretty much ruined as every 3 seconds it gets liked or replied by someone somewhere in the world.

“It’s been liked 300,000 times and thousand of people have followed me – even though I didn’t even mean to share it on Insta.”

While most would be pleased with the accidental virality, McGarvey has been left wondering what to do with “all these new followers”.

He continued: “Most people would think this is a great chance to gain followers. But I don’t see it like that. All these new followers don’t know anything about me.

“They just followed based on that picture. What should I do?”

McGarvey rose to prominence on the back of his Orwell Prize-winning book, Safari Poverty, as well as his activist work during the 2014 Independence referendum.

The rapper is set to headline a month of live shows at the Live Lounge in Kirkcaldy next month.

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