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Scottish tech trainer launches new BRB brand and names new strategic adviser – Scottish Business News



NORTHCODERS – a market leader in technology training which operates in Scotland – is marking a new stage of its Business Services division by creating a new brand – COUNTER. It has also appointed the highly successful technology consultancy entrepreneur, Tom Walton, as a strategic adviser.

The launch of the rebranded Business Solutions marks the next stage of development for the B2B division of the Northcoders Group. Leveraging the talent pools of both Northcoders and Tech Returners, COUNTER will specialise in deploying UK-based teams of technologists into corporate clients, building dedicated teams that align technically and culturally with clients’ long-term goals. COUNTER is a challenger brand to the current consultancy and Hire, Train and Deploy sector by offering a different approach underpinned by an efficient and scalable business model based on 100% utilisation rates for its COUNTER consultants.

COUNTER’s candidates will have completed Northcoders’ training and will be proficient in modern cloud and software solutions, including AI/ML development, data and cloud engineering. The consultancy’s robust model ensures that at the end of each engagement, clients have the option to onboard the consultants as full-time employees (‘FTEs’), at no additional cost, reinforcing skill retention and continuity.

Tom Walton, the co-founder of the highly successful Infinity Works, the cloud and digital transformation consultancy acquired by Accenture in 2021, will be bringing his considerable expertise to COUNTER with the aim of revolutionising consultancy technology training services with a unique, enduring approach.

The launch of the COUNTER brand is further propelled by recent corporate client wins for pilot schemes with high-profile companies including a high street building society and UK investment administrator listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange as well as a global banking firm, showcasing COUNTER’s capability to deliver significant value in the tech sector.  Underpinned by Northcoders strong focus on diversity and inclusion, COUNTER is set to bring transformative changes to the tech consultancy landscape.

Amul Batra, co-founder of Northcoders and managing director of COUNTER, said: “COUNTER isn’t just another consultancy; we are redefining the way in which organisations solve their short and long-term problems by directly embedding our skilled consultants into client projects. These teams, who choose to work with the client, not only solve immediate technical challenges but are also potential future employees, aligning with Northcoders’ mission to provide life-changing opportunities and address the tech industry’s skill needs.”

Tom Walton added: “I am excited to be part of the Northcoders journey. With COUNTER we are pioneering a different consultancy approach that changes the way in which organisations can harness tech problem solvers. Instead of transient consultants, we are embedding the best tech minds into the very fabric of businesses to not only address short-term project needs but also promote sustainable growth and innovation. The benefit for organisations is that they can trust that the knowledge and candidates that we create, will be a long-term addition to their organisation.”

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