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Simon Jordan hits back at Sir Rod Stewart after music legend’s X-rated swipe



Simon Jordan has told Sir Rod Stewart to support Arsenal or Tottenham after being told to ‘shut the f*** up’.

The music legend took offence to the ex-Crystal Palace’s owner view on Scottish football, who claimed Celtic and Rangers would struggle in the Championship.


Jordan has bit back at Stewart following the musician’s X-rated swipe on social mediaCredit: talkSPORT

It led Celtic fan Stewart to lash out at the talkSPORT host on his Instagram story in an X-rated rant, posting: “I’m absolutely sick and tired of the constant deriding and disrespect of Scottish football shown down south.

“Especially by one Mr Simon ‘motor mouth’ Jordan (who I’m sure has had elocution lessons in the past).

“It’s our game, we know it’s not the EPL or LaLiga, but it’s our game and I love it.

“So back off Mr Jordan, and by the way, what did you achieve at Crystal Palace? With all due respect to Palace of course.

“One thing Graeme Souness quite rightly pointed out the other day on talkSPORT.

“If Celtic or Rangers were in the Championship with the money that’s dished out by Sky etc it would only be a couple of years and we would be able to compete, no doubt about that.

“So shut the f*** up Jordan, and leave Scottish football alone.”

And Jordan has been quick to bite back at the 79-year-old, pointing out he is from London, and how he boasts an ’emu mentality’.

Stewart took to social media where he told Jordan to 'shut the f*** up'


Stewart took to social media where he told Jordan to ‘shut the f*** up’Credit: Instagram: @sirrodstewart
The Celtic fan has been told to support either Arsenal or Tottenham by Jordan


The Celtic fan has been told to support either Arsenal or Tottenham by Jordan

Speaking on the White and Jordan show, the 56-year-old said: “He is from bloody Highgate for crying out loud.

“I only attack Scottish football because it is a low-hanging fruit – which is incidentally what you would probably find under Rod’s kilt if you looked.

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“But I realise Rod is a national treasure, and I suppose nobody wants to offend a national treasure, but the flip side of this is that I have almost got to the point where I want to strangle myself with a pair of his unfathomably tight trousers if I need to listen to another story about his private jet, what football pitches he’s got and what swimming pool he swims in.

“But why would anybody be talking about Scottish football? He should be thanking me for talking about Scottish football – and actually coming from Highgate he should be supporting Arsenal or Tottenham.

“But you can’t silence people’s views because you don’t like what they say. If you get a surveyor round your house and he tells you there is a leaky roof, you don’t tell him to shut his gob because you don’t like what he said.

“You look at the validity of what his points are and go, ‘Is there any substance behind it?”

Labelling Stewart as a ‘Cockney Scot’, Jordan then added: “If you want to talk about elocution lessons, go get yourself some so you can at least have some vague resemblance of a Scottish burr.

“Because as far as I’m concerned, I don’t know many Cockney Scots, but there we are.

“He’s saying he’s fed up with people down south – where he lives – criticising people and Scottish football and being disrespectful.

“But it’s like an emu mentality, burying his head in the sand, and god bless him, maybe he’s confused himself with Rod Hull and doesn’t know who he is.

Celtic have clinched their 12th Scottish title in the last 13 years


Celtic have clinched their 12th Scottish title in the last 13 yearsCredit: Getty

“But the bottom line is, my point about Scottish football is I want to to be better, it’s not disrespectful, so tell me where I’m wrong?

“It’s a shocking indication of Scottish football that the two biggest clubs in Scotland can’t put fans inside their own stadium (for Old Firm matches).

“It’s a poor example of how competitive the domestic leagues are that nobody beneath Celtic and Rangers even make an impression on the league.

“It’s a poor indication that the broadcast deals and the commerciality of the leagues are worth nothing.

“It’s a poor indication that there’s no real players from Scotland coming out that once looked like Graeme Souness and Kenny Dalglish. What is unfair about that?

“So why don’t you deal with my argument rather than make this an ad hominem on the individual. It’s silly, go away Rod. Sing us a song, you are a singer.”

Stewart’s beloved Celtic were crowned as Scottish champions on Wendesday night – their 12th title in the last 13 years.

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