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Sir Grayson Perry ‘honoured’ as largest exhibition of his artwork planned



Sir Grayson Perry has said he is “honoured” to have his largest ever exhibition presented by the National Galleries of Scotland.

Grayson Perry: Smash Hits will cover the artist’s 40-year career, and will be open from July 22 until November 12 at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh.

It will offer a journey through the main themes of Sir Grayson’s provocative art, including masculinity, sexuality, class, religion, politics and identity.

He said: “I feel honoured, excited and also daunted by the thought of seeing the largest ever exhibition of my work this summer in Edinburgh.

“Honoured to be given such an opportunity in such a fine gallery. Excited to share my smash hits with the Scottish audience and the festival crowds.

Dozens of Sir Grayson’s artworks will form the display (Angus Mill/National Galleries of Scotland/PA)

“Just one of the grand rooms like those of the Royal Scottish Academy could easily hold two, three, four years of my studio life, such is the density of my works.

“These objects contain so much for me, my hopes, my ideas, my lusts, my laughter, my pride, my love.

“What they contain more than anything is my time. Forty smashing years.”

The exhibition, which will have more than 80 works, has been developed in collaboration with Sir Grayson and the Victoria Miro Gallery.

It will bring together all the artist’s detailed prints and imaginary maps, and will also feature many of his tapestries – such as the rarely shown Walthamstow Tapestry (2009) which, at 15 metres in length, presents a birth-to-death journey through shopping and brand names.

Grayson Perry art
The exhibition will be the largest ever staged of Sir Grayson’s work (Angus Mill/National Galleries of Scotland/PA)

Objects chosen from his recent Channel 4 docuseries, Grayson Perry’s Full English, where the 62-year-old artist travelled around the country to try and uncover what Englishness means today, will also be included.

John Leighton, director-general of the National Galleries of Scotland, said: “This exhibition, the biggest Grayson Perry show ever held anywhere in the world, offers a unique opportunity for visitors to discover the scope of the artist’s practice.

“It has been 40 years since Perry first started making his pots and plates, and 20 years since he gained international acclaim when he won the Turner Prize.

“It is the ideal moment to celebrate Perry’s achievements to date.”

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