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Snow warnings extended with four day blitz to bring chaos to UK



The has extended its snow weather warning for Wednesday, with forecasters expecting deep accumulations south of the M4. In an update today, the agency said it now expects snow and ice in southern England and Wales over 33 hours on Wednesday, March 8. The latest alert adds the areas to pre-existing warnings for northern England and Scotland, where people are already expecting potentially heavy snow. 

The original warning for southern England released on Monday states that an area of “rain, sleet and snow” will develop across southwest England on the evening of Tuesday, March 7. 

The conditions will develop “over southwest England during Tuesday evening and move east during early Wednesday before clearing mid-morning”.

While it will clear in the morning, the update states that snow will cascade across areas south of the M4, building up 5 to 10cm in a matter of hours. 

The update adds: “Earlier in the day and across the wider warning area, accumulations are expected to be lower, typically 1 to 3cm.”


“As snow clears on Wednesday night, clearing skies will result in ice developing on untreated surfaces with impacts lingering into Thursday morning.”

The new notice states the warning was extended “further north across a larger part of southern England and East Anglia”.

Forecasters have also increased the “likelihood of impacts” of snow and ice included as part of the warning.

And it will last into Thursday, with travellers hearing the brunt of the chaos during the “morning travel period” before the warning expires at 9am. 

Scotland and northern England have a similar warning in place that expires an hour later, at 10am on Thursday. 

The warning states that “cold, blustery northerly winds” will drive frequent snow and hail showers into several areas from Tuesday. 

High ground in Scotland will bear the highest accumulations, with between five and 10cm possible “by the end of the day”.

The snow and ice warnings expire on Thursday morning, giving way to snow warnings over the afternoon and into Friday, March 10 over northern England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

The warning states: “Snow could develop quite widely across the warning area on Thursday and Friday as a potentially quite deep area of low pressure moves across the UK.

“Parts of Northern Ireland, north Wales and northern England are currently expected to see the worst of the conditions on Thursday, with parts of Scotland and northern England then seeing the heaviest snow on Friday.

“Event totals could bring five to 10 cm of snow to many locations, even at low elevations, with potentially 15 to 20 cm accumulating across the northern portion of the warning area.”

“Higher elevations of the North Pennines, Southern Uplands, higher parts of the Central Belt and the southern Highlands may see as much as 30 to 40 cm of snow in places.

“In addition, there is potential for strong winds, which may lead to blizzard conditions and drifting of lying snow.”

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