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Sunbed shop issues warning after ‘disgusting’ discovery



The Tanning Room on Thomas Street announced that a customer had urinated while using one of its sunbeds yesterday (Thursday).

The shop took to social media to issue a warning to others who may be tempted to relieve themselves while using the equipment in the salon – and voiced their disgust.

The post read: “Just to let you know, we know who you are – the person who has just weed on bed three.

“We have checked the CCTV and you are truly disgusted (sic).

“Anyone else found doing this in any of our sunbeds will be instantly banned from the shop.”

In a follow-up, The Tanning Room said it has identified the woman and warned her: “If you do have the cheek to come in our salon again, we will politely pull you to one side and let you know you are barred.”

Customers were quick to agree with the salon with many finding the act “disgusting” and “gross”.

One woman said the shop is always “immaculate” while others asked, “why would you do this?” and “what is wrong with people?” 

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