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Tartan Army BLASTS retail giant Next for Scotland ‘snub’ with new Euro 2024 tops



THE Tartan Army has blasted retail giant Next for seeming to snub Scotland with its new kids’ Euro-themed football tops.

The store is selling T-shirts for girls, priced between £10 and £15,    emblazoned in England or Italy colours.


Scotland is heading to Germany for this summer’s European ChampionshipsCredit: Getty
The store is selling T-shirts for girls emblazoned in England or Italy colours


The store is selling T-shirts for girls emblazoned in England or Italy colours

Despite England and Scotland being the only UK nations at the tournament in Germany, Next has delivered a “mystifying” brush-off to Scots fans. 

Hamish Husband, of the Association of Tartan Army clubs said: “It’s mystifying to me why a national retailer and major brand name like Next does not stock Scotland T-shirts in this range.

“We would expect every shop in Scotland to be fully backing the national team.

“Can you just imagine clothing shops in Switzerland selling German merchandise but not having Switzerland tops? If you are going to have football tops, then have all the teams that are competing. It’s really annoying.

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“It’s like north of Carlisle doesn’t exist. I think that’s why a lot of Scottish people can’t get behind England.”

Iain Emerson, editor of the Famous Tartan Army magazine, added: “They can’t be on the ball if they’re not selling Scotland tops because everyone else is.

“It’s a big opportunity for them. People can’t get enough of the Scotland merchandise, so this is a bit of an own goal for Next.”

Scotland fans are gearing up for the team’s first game against Germany on June 14 in the competition opener.

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Steve Clarke’s players then face Switzerland on June 19, before their final group stage match against Hungary on June 23.

Next declined to comment.

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