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Tartan Army ‘true spirit’ creates ‘huge opportunities’ for Scotland



Tartan Army ‘true spirit’ creates ‘huge opportunities’ for Scotland

And he flagged his belief that, as well as being a “showcase” for the best of what Scotland has to offer, the Scottish presence in Germany has also highlighted “the country’s passion for sports and our ability to host major international events”.

Mr Crothall said yesterday: “The Tartan Army’s presence at Euro 2024 has shown that Scotland is a country filled with vibrant, welcoming people who are passionate about their culture, sports and community. Their enthusiasm, warmth and hospitality have not only elevated Scotland’s reputation on the international stage, but also highlighted the true spirit of our nation.”

He highlighted the “tribute” to the Tartan Army from Mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker.

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Ms Reker said on social media platform X on June 19: “Dear Scots, those have been a wonderful couple of days with you. I could not be a happier mayor. You are always welcome to come back to Cologne.”

Mr Crothall said yesterday: “The conduct of the fans has translated into huge opportunities to promote Scotland as a top tourist destination and showcase the best of what our nation has to offer. The positive coverage in German media and the tribute from the Mayor of Cologne underscores the significant impact the fans have had, with German football fans even calling for an annual friendly match between Scotland and Germany.”

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He added: “The positive headlines will hopefully translate to a boost for Scottish tourism, attracting more holidaymakers from Germany and beyond, who are eager to experience the genuine friendliness and vibrant culture that our fans have showcased so well.

“The Euros have not only brought recognition to Scotland as a tourist destination, they have also highlighted the country’s passion for sports and our ability to host major international events which will undoubtedly attract more opportunities for Scotland to showcase its capabilities on a global scale.”

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A German football fan revealed on June 27 that the Tartan Army has inspired him to book a trip to Scotland later this year.

Florian Moeller, an airline employee from Frankfurt, took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to say that he had purchased flights from the German city to Glasgow in September, commenting that “the Tartan Army made me do it”.

Speaking to The Herald, Mr Moeller said: “I already had it on my bucket list for 2024, but having all the Scottish fans in my home country gave me the final motivation to book a trip.”

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