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The story behind Ullapool’s dance music club nights



The nights are called baile/baile – the word meaning “village” in Gaelic and “dance” in Spanish. Whittle’s mother, a teacher, is half Spanish.

They are held at the Ceilidh Place café-bar, and Whittle and Fasakin have dubbed their events “Scotland most remote club nights”.

DJs from the Highlands and central Scotland have performed sets.

Whittle said: “People do see Ullapool as remote because it is more than an hour away from Inverness.

“At its core Ullapool still holds that fishing village feel, something which I really like about it.”

Whittle added: “There are some things you need to pump more energy into than you would have to in the city – like having to go and get DJ decks from Inverness.”

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